The Centre of External Trade and External Relations is a Limited Liability Company of Cameroon law, registered in the Trade and Personal Property Credit T.P.P.R.C No.RC/DLA/2009/B/88 Taxpayer No.10912282414T. the Centre of External Trade and External Relations is a platform of reception and accompaniment for foreign investors in Cameroon. Our Centre has as objectives, through a team made up with professionals, to promote and facilitate the integration of investors in Cameroon. More specifically, CETER is a consular accompaniment agency.

We dispose of a team of professionals: legalists, economists, accountants, insurers, computer engineer and experts able to assure the security and the success of foreign investors in Cameroon.



  • Provision of  the required consular assistance to businessmen and potential investors desirous to settle abroad, and information on the pertinent aspects of international legislation in that matter, arbitration practices and settlement of disputes in use in the international or foreign jurisdictions..
  • Support, facilitation and accompaniment on administrative, legal, fiscal, social and commercial field, to the settlement of businessmen and foreign investors in Cameroon and Cameroonians abroad(information on the creation and closure of companies).
  • Advices on the risks and advantages of investing in some foreign countries and environment studies, political, economic and social risks to investment in the mentioned states.
  • Organization of fairs, expositions, conferences and meetings relating to the improvement and promotion of Cameroon destination abroad.
  • Organization of seminar for companies in the fields they requested.
  • Provision of credible information to potential foreign investors on the business climate in Cameroon and the investment opportunities or financing, and also the different aspects of the financial, fiscal and custom legislation.
  • Facilitation of basic consular services provision( issuance of transportation titles, visas and other documents at the level of Consular Missions) to businessmen desirous to settle in Cameroon or Cameroonians wanting to settle    abroad.
  • Assistance in the framework of collaboration between  foreign investors on one hand and  institutionalized Consular Chambers and corporation groups on the other hand, for the development of partnership with local companies.
  • Organization of meetings, exchanges forums between the experts and the different taking parties in view of an experience exchange on the differentmotivating investment systems and sectoral codes(mineral, oil, gas, etc.)