The provision of  the required consular assistance to businessmen and Cameroonian potential investors desirous to settle abroad, and information on the pertinent aspects of the international legislation on the matter, arbitration practices and procedures of dispute resolution running before international or foreign jurisdictions.

Consular and judiciary assistance for the installation of Cameroonian investors abroad

We accompany Cameroonian economic operators, desirous to settle out of the national boarders in their projects, by bringing them a multiform assistance integrating intermediation near consular authorities and the provision of information on business legislation in their countries of destination.

A- Assistance in the achievement of investments operations :

Numerous operations to assist investors in Cameroon can be achieved through the expertise of the CETER. These include :

  • Assistance for financing operations
  • Assistance in the elaboration of financing Agreements
  • Assistance in the elaboration of Islamic loans
  • Assistance in the fitting and elaboration of Air, Railway, Road, Transportation, Franchise, Factoring, trustee and Documentary Credit Agreements
  • Assistance in operations relating to capitals( electronic payment instruments, promissory notes, letter of guarantee)
  • Assistance in the achievement of operations linked to goods( groups of contracts, distribution contracts, leasing)


B- Assistance in the operations of protection and security of foreign investments
  • Follow-up of just and equitable indemnities in case of expropriation
  • Follow-up and negotiation of interests in case of a temporary suspension of activitie
  • Assistance and protection of interests before the challenges of nationalization
  • Accompaniment of Cameroonian investors desirous to settle or to invest abroad, via our diplomatic missions
  • Assistance and counseling of investors
  • Legal accompaniment of investors in case of litigation relating to foreign investment in Cameroon(referral of the Supreme Court, CCJA, for any litigation relating to OHADA Law.) depending on the importance of the required services and the legal distance between Cameroon and the country of destination to the investment, our prices count among the most competitive and participate already to the reduction of the cost of implementation of your projects. They will be structured as follows: