Cameroon is located in Central Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea bottom.

It is limited in the north by Chad, in the east by Central Africa Republic, in the south by Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, in the west by Nigeria.

Cameroon counts many great town among which: Yaounde, the political capital of the country which counts more than one million inhabitants, Douala, the economic capital counts more than two million of inhabitants.

Then comes towns like Garoua, Bafoussam, Bamenda etc. which are important urban centers.



Cameroon counts 240 ethnics, apportioned in three major groups(Bantus, Semi-Bantus, Sudanese ) and correspond to 240 national languages.

The most representative ethnics are:

  • Bantus: Beti, Bassa, Bakundu, Maka, Douala, Pygmies..
  • Semi-Bantus: Bamileke, Gbaya, Bamoun, Tikar
  • Sudanese: Fulbe, Mafa, Tupuri, Shuwa Arabs, Mundang, Massa, Musgum…


English and French are the official languages. Spanish and German are also known by many urban dwellers

French 70%
English 30%


Cameroon is a laic state. Two main religions are practiced: Christianity and Islam. Animism is also practiced by a large number of the population


  • Good Friday
  • Pâques
  • Ascension, Pentecost
  • Assumption
  • Christmas
  • End of Ramadan
  • Tabaski feast
  • New year’s day
  • Youth Day( 11 February)
  • Labor Day (1 May)
  • National Day(20 May)


Except Sport Hunts which is practices in the north of the country from November to May. The Touristic season covers the entire year and tourists can visit Cameroon throughout the year.


Good and bad seasons. The dry season goes from November to April


January July

ISO code of the country

  • CM

The 10 Regions of Cameroon

Regional Capital Ngaoundéré
Population 681 362 hbts
Area 63 701 km2
Departments 05
Density 10,7 hbts/km2
Regional Capital Bertoua
Population 711 651 hbts
Area 109 002 Km2
Departments 04
Density 6,53 hbts/km2
Regional Capital Douala
Population 1 861 463 hbts
Area 20 248 km2
Departments 04
Density 91,93 hbts/km2
Regional Capital Bamenda
Population 1 702 559 hbts
Area 17 300 km2
Departments 07
Density 98,41 hbts/km2
Regional Capital Ebolowa
Population 514 336 hbts
Area 47 191 km2
Departments 04
Density 10,9 hbts/km2
Regional Capital Yaoundé
Population 2 272 259 hbts
Area 68 953 km2
Departments 10
Density 32,96 hbts/km2
Regional Capital Maroua
Population 2 553 389 hbts
Area 34 263 km2
Departments 06
Density 74,52 hbts/km2
Regional Capital Garoua
Population 1 145 038 hbts
Area 66 090 km2
Departments 04
Density 17,33 hbts/km2
Regional Capital Bafoussam
Population 1 843 518 hbts
Area 13 892 km2
Departments 08
Density 132,7 hbts/km2
Regional Capital Buéa
Population 1 153 125 hbts
Area 25 410 km2
Departments 06
Density 45,38 hbts/km2