With regards to International Negotiations, the role of the consultant consists of getting in touch with decision makers and convincing them to invest in a geographical area, develop a partnership or a commercial activity, depending on the targeted objectives of the person concerned. As such, it must bring both parties together. The international negotiation service consists of granting the Parties an opportunity to exchange views and promote customers’ potentials to key actors, through:

  • The development of a survey in order to target the those to be convinced, their interests, of agreeing or disagreeing points with the client …;
  • The development of a negotiation plan by adapting the client’s interests to the setting in which the client wishes to invest;
  • The organization of fairs, exhibitions, seminars and conferences that promote the potentials of the client;
  • The organization of meetings between experts so they can share their expertise and experience relating to their respective domains;
  • Supporting clients administratively, legally, fiscally, socially and commercially before and during the negotiation.