Nowadays, in this context of worldwide interconnectivity and where economic mutations are regular. Companies develop a need of strategic information. The purpose is to better know their constraints and their opportunities. Companies should carry out rigorous oversight of the competitive environment and the new trends in the perspective of establishing an efficient system of economic intelligence.

CETER Proposes to inform, analyzes, prevent, and elaborate strategies in order to accompany its clients in their sustainable installation in a market. We propose to provide elements of help to the decision that will help companies to master strategic information through a permanent intelligence on their sectors of activities.

Within the framework of Economic Intelligence, we propose the following services to our clients:

  • Focused strategic intelligence
  • Benchmark
  • Business climate analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Positioning study

In the framework of communication tools upgrading and in order to answer the best the client’s needs, the Centre of External Trade and External Relations(CETER) has redesigned its web gate and its graphic charter.
The new CETER’s gate offers a best visibility of our activity and services. It proposes also reference documents in free access to visitors and as well as the companies and the entrepreneurs wishing to have information on the economic, social and political situation of Cameroon